A Craft Beer Lover’s Guide to Kansas City’s Best Local Breweries

June 24, 2024

Kansas City isn’t just a hub for jazz and barbecue; it’s also a paradise for craft beer enthusiasts. The city boasts a vibrant brewery scene where tradition meets innovation, offering something for every palate. As you explore these fantastic breweries, you’ll find that Lambie Homes is seamlessly integrating into the fabric of this dynamic city. Building beautiful homes throughout the Kansas City region, Lambie Homes ensures you’re never far from enjoying a fresh pint at your favorite local brewery.

Now, let’s dive into some of the top breweries that make Kansas City a destination for craft beer lovers.

Person pouring beer from a tap

Boulevard Brewing Company

One of Kansas City’s most iconic breweries, Boulevard Brewing Company offers a wide range of craft beers. Known for its Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale and Unfiltered Wheat Beer, it provides an excellent tour and tasting experience. The brewery and beer hall are ideal for enjoying a fresh pint while learning about the brewing process.

KC Bier Co.

Specializing in authentic German-style lagers and ales, KC Bier Co. is a must-visit for those who appreciate traditional brewing methods. Their Biergarten is a great spot to relax and enjoy a pint of Dunkel or Helles Lager, accompanied by the friendly, communal atmosphere that characterizes German beer culture.

Torn Label Brewing Company

Torn Label Brewing Company is known for its innovative and bold beer flavors, offering a unique tasting experience. Their flagship beers, such as Alpha Pale Ale and Monk & Honey, are local favorites. This brewery prides itself on pushing the boundaries of flavor, making each visit a new adventure.

Martin City Brewing Company

With a variety of craft beers and a full-service restaurant, Martin City Brewing Company is perfect for a complete dining and drinking experience. Their Hardway IPA and Belgian Abbey Ale are highly recommended. Enjoy a meal and a brew in their welcoming and lively environment.

Cinder Block Brewery

Cinder Block Brewery is known for its creative brews and welcoming atmosphere. Popular choices include their Block IPA and Weathered Wit. The brewery offers a cozy taproom and outdoor seating, making it an excellent spot for casual meet-ups with friends.

Border Brewing Co.

Located in the Crossroads Arts District, Border Brewing Co. produces a wide variety of beer styles that are approachable yet complex in flavor. Whether you’re a seasoned aficionado or new to craft beer, you’ll find something to enjoy in their lineup.

Casual Animal Brewing Company

Casual Animal stands for small-batch, fresh, local brewing, focusing on quality over quantity. Their community involvement and commitment to freshness make them a standout. Their beers, brewed with care and creativity, offer a truly local taste of Kansas City.

Double Shift Brewing Company

Situated in the heart of the Crossroads Art District, Double Shift Brewing crafts high-quality beer in small batches. Known for their dedication to the craft and a deep connection to the local community, their taproom reflects their vibrant, eclectic approach to brewing.

Alma Mader Brewing

Alma Mader is a brewer-owned and operated brewery that specializes in hop-forward ales, lagers, and barrel-aged treats. It bridges tradition and innovation with a steadfast dedication to quality-driven beers, making it a favorite among local beer enthusiasts.

BKS Artisan Ales

BKS Artisan Ales opened in late 2017 as the first craft brewery in Kansas City’s Brookside neighborhood. Known for its unique, high-quality beers, BKS Artisan Ales provides a cozy tasting room experience that complements its exceptional brewing skills.

Stockyards Brewing Co.

Located in the historic Stockyards District, Stockyards Brewing Co. focuses on making good, unpretentious beer for hardworking people. Their taproom, steeped in local character, is a perfect place to enjoy a pint of their robust, flavorful brews.

The Big Rip Brewing Company

The Big Rip Brewing Company, located just north of KC’s River Market, offers a variety of styles, from classic to unique. Its taproom and outdoor patio provide a relaxed environment to enjoy its eclectic range of beers.

Quick Tips – Visiting Breweries in the KC Area

When planning your brewery tour in Kansas City, consider transportation options such as rideshares or designated drivers to ensure a safe experience. The best times to visit are typically afternoons or early evenings, avoiding peak hours for a more relaxed visit.

Pair your brewery visits with local food options; many breweries offer food trucks or partner with nearby restaurants. Additionally, explore other attractions in Kansas City, such as the Crossroads Arts District, to complement your brewery experience.

A selection of craft beers in various glass styles are arranged on a wooden tasting tray. In the background, two people, one wearing a black T-shirt with a brewery logo, are engaged in conversation at the bar.

Enjoy the Best of Kansas City’s Brewery Scene

Kansas City’s craft beer scene is a testament to the city’s culture and community spirit. Exploring these breweries offers a journey through diverse flavors and brewing styles. As you enjoy the best of Kansas City’s breweries, consider Lambie Homes for your KC homebuilding needs.

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